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IS THE EARTH REALLY FLAT. Explore the math that proves it's not a round ball and other interesting data. From:

There is a movement going around that the Earth is indeed flat. For months I thought these people were just plain crazy, but I still looked at the evidence and wanted to see what the deal was. Astoundingly, a lot of what they're saying is true and easily demonstrated! I couldn't believe it! The math they use to show NO CURVATURE of the Earth is imperical, so what else do they have? Plenty! Of course, thinking the Earth is flat instead of a round ball spinning in space at 1,000 miles per hour, flying around the sun at thousands of miles per hour and the whole solar system flying around the galaxy even faster doesn't sound very plausable either. Where is the wind from our spin? Why when you fly in a plane do you not have to fly 1,000 MPH plus in order to land in the same direction of this "spin"? Why don't the clouds look like they are going 1,000 MPH? Oh, they've added that our atmosphere must be sucked in to our gravity and therefore moves at the same speed (no theory that is supported by any known science, but you believe it because you've been told it, right?)

One thing that's always bugged me about our "round ball planet 93 million miles from the sun"...Why isn't there EXACTLY 11 hours 58 minutes and 2 seconds of sun, every day of every year? That would be the time it takes the Earth to rotate 1 full turn, which is 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds divided by 2. Some would say, "Because of the tilt of the Earth on it's axis". That has nothing to do with light hitting a ball. No matter how you tilt the ball, exactly 1/2 of the ball is getting hit at any one time by the light, it can't shorten the duration of light just by tilting. Hold a ball up in your hand and put a mark on it roughly where Florida would be in relation to the equator. Then tilt it roughly 23 degrees and spin it. The light still hits 1/2 of the ball at all times! The only part of the globe now in darkness is the North Pole, not anything near the equator. So where is the missing light-time? According to the Navy's Astronomical Applications chart for Fort Walton Beach, FL, the amount of sunlight shining on Fort Walton Beach on Jan 1st, 2016 to Jul 1st, 2016 has a duration change of almost 4 whole hours! And, the temperature changes by about 20 degrees. You mean to tell me we're 93 million miles away from the sun, but a 4,000 mile difference (approximate distance a Northern hemisphere continent is shifted away from the sun because of the 23 degree tilt) is going to make a 20 degree heat/cool difference in a day? In Arkansas it makes about a 60 degree difference. It's just not plausable.

Anyway, give the crazies a few hours of your time. If it's true it's true, if it's not, it's not, what are you afraid of learning?

All the "science" backing up the Earth as a spinning ball is all unproveable theories, so which one is actually right? The math of the curvature of the Earth doesn't lie, math isn't wrong, but men are. Being able to see both the bottoms and the tops of tall buildings at 30 - 60 miles away proves to you, with your own eyes that there is no curve to the earth.

The Flat Earth Theory also involves NOT believing that we went to the moon or even can go to space. They kind of go hand in hand, which begs the question, "Why would NASA and all of the science people be in on such a lie?". The simple answer, "To hide the fact that we are on a flat plane (not planet) and that there is a protective "dome" over us and that there is a GOD that presides over all this." That's the ulimate deal. If you don't think so, so be it. But at least do your homework first!

Pictures given to us by Nasa have been proved to be fakes, such as the picture of the earthrise from the moon. #1 problem with that is that they make the earth the exact size the moon is as it comes up. The earth is 4 time bigger and so would it appear on the moon, not the size of the moon as seen from earth. Problem #2 with the picture...if you put the picture in a program that can adjust the contrast of the background you see square pixelations around the earth. That is what happens when you cut and paste one picture onto another. Faked! Also, the pictures they say were taken of earth from space through the years, has sizes of the contenents different sizes and even colors of the water changes. Nasa has shown us time lapses of the earth spinning (which it doesn't really) and the clouds never change! Look outside and watch the clouds, they form, deform and blow around, yet Nasa feeds us this BS of a 24 hour time lapse with the earth spinning under unchanging clouds! Faked!

If you would like to check out some facts for yourself, here is a 2 hour plus video on Youtube showing several very interesting points to be pondered about our Earth and why it doesn't behave as a ball/marble/sphere as we've been told, even when the science and math point to a different conclusion. FLAT EARTH PROOF

This can be very, very "sciency" and hard to understand, but some of it is simple enough for a 6th grader to get.

Some questions to ask yourself about why these things exist or are possible if the Earth is a sphere/ball/marble:

Why is there and Antarctic Treaty signed by 50 countries that say no country can explore Antarctica and no one can enter there except at 3 points all militarily controlled? Why? What are they hiding? Is the Earth really flat and Antarctica is really all around us at all points of the compass and they don't want you to see this for yourself?

If the Earth was a ball 25,000 miles in circumference, the curviture of the Earth would be 8 inches per mile squared. In other words, a ship going away from you on the "curved earth" would be under the curviture of the Earth at 10 miles away if the ship was 66 feet tall or less. At 20 miles, the ship would have to be 265 feet tall for you to see just 1 foot over the ocean. Yet, many times you can see things as far as 30 - 60 miles away that are not very tall. Not tall enough to still be seen at the mileage/curvature given to us by "science". This one thing is enough to blow the ball Earth theory. Many people report seeing the Statue of Liberty as far out as about 60 miles. The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet from torch to base. To see it at only 50 miles, it would have to stand over 1,650 feet just to see the tip of the torch. It's 5.4 times too short according to the held theory of a ball Earth, 25,000 miles around. Hmmmm. If something "seems" to be going "around the Earth" away from you, it is only PERSPECTIVE that keeps you from still seeing it. You can't see forever. If a ship or tall object seems to be out of your site because of "curvature", take a look through powerful binoculars or a telescope. Bam! The object is still fully visible. It's just that it's too far away for your eyes to see it anymore, but not gone because of curvature.


Why do plane flights (when leaving remote places like Austrailia for example) fly North to "refuel" before they fly "SouthWest" to a place they could have flown straight there across the ocean on a globe model, but the flat Earth model would require you fly North (to refuel) then on to the final destination flying NorthWest to, say, Chile in South America. Take a globe and squash it flat and you'll see the true flight plan that is made today and not what you think on a globe model. The flight plan on a globe model would've been West/NW straight to Chile and never going above the equator.

Why did a NASA scientist recently say on video, the we still need to figure out how to pass through the radioactive Van Allen Belts (video) if we've already been to the moon and took pictures of the Earth from halfway to the moon? His lecture is on Youtube several places.

Why did Neil Armstrong help in the faking of the video of the Earth from, "halfway to the moon"? They put the camera at the back of the "lunar module" and blacked out the inside with a round window at the other side showing the full Earth, but at the camera distance, they made it look like the whole Earth from 130,000 miles from the Earth, when in reality, the were just a few hundred mile above the Earth looking at a small window across the L.E.M? At the end of the uncut video not meant for normal people to see, one of the astronaughts arms blocks the view of the Earth and then they finish the scene and then take a black cover piece away from the window showing that they absolutely faked being so far away from the Earth. It's about 1 hour 7 minutes into the video link at the top.

When asked about the shielding that they used to get though the radioactive Van Allen Belts on their trip to the moon, an astronaught (Alan Bean - Apollo 12) answered on video that they must've had something to keep them alive in their ship and their suits and that the Van Allen Belts weren't discovered yet before his mission. Well, how did they know to shield them from it if it hadn't been discovered yet? Curious. And why weren't they killed/maimed from the severe radiation said to be in these belts? Alan Bean's answer on Youtube. The Van Allen Belts start at 1,000 miles up.

Why is EVERY picture of the Earth all a composite painting or CGI (see this video) of 1 doctored and photoshopped picture? The Earth ball pictures are all different through the years from NASA. Colors, sizes of land masses and very fake paintings made by hired artists. Many of the "pictures" are the exact same one maybe turned upside down, but the clouds are still the exact same. Look out your window as far as you can see (which is usually about 30 miles). Is the Earth curved at the horizon? Not in my town.

Why is it we can see the North star, Polaris, sitting in virtually 1 place in a timescape video of the night sky? And that Polaris can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere at all when on a ball planet, it would be buried deep below the horizon. Meaning that we aren't a spinning ball. The stars are revolving around us! Impossible? Believe it with your own eyes. Also, we are supposedly screaming through space as science has told us, yet the background stars are always in their same positions at the same time of year even after thousands of years. The theory would also have to include all the visible stars to us be moving along with us and it really shakes their BS down to a pile of lies. The flat Earth theory holds up, that we're NOT spinning or flying through space, ergo, you can see the same stars in the same places year after year. That in itself is a major proof what they're spoon feeding us is NOT TRUE!

On one of the Appollo missions to the moon, pictures of the L.E.M taking off from the moon heading back to Earth, inexplicably shows the non-tilting stationary camera tracing the path of the L.E.M as it took off. Who was left on the moon to tilt the camera as the L.E.M increased altitude? It was a stationary camera!

What of all the curved pictures you've seen of Earth from space? Fisheye lenses are the norm to use in most cameras. Fisheye lenses curve objects at a distance while it's barely noticeable with up-close objects. There are pictures/videos from thousands of feet up with a flat horizon from cameras without a fisheye lens that you can Google.

Ask any bridge builder, architect, road maker, military rocket launcher, train track layer how much they have to figure into their designs or trajectories to make up for the curvature of the Earth, they will all answer that they don't. How long are rail road tracks? How far does a rocket fly before it hits its target? Far enough to absolutely need to counter the curvature of the Earth if there was one, yet they don't figure in the change in distance needed to go around the Earth rather than straight to the end means? Why? If the Earth is a round ball?

If geo-stationary satellites are real and there are thousands of them as they claim, why do we need, "cell towers"? They supposedly have communication satellites circling the "globe" and yet if you're 2 miles from a cell tower, you get 1 bar. 3 miles, you get no bars. What happened to the satellite signal to your phone? Did you go somewhere where you couldn't be seen from space? GPS is triangulated guessed it, cell phone towers, not satellites. Look at any "picture" of a satellite in space. It's an obvious cartoonish CGI fake. You can see "stuff" moving overhead at night when you look up, but that's not proof it's a satellite, it could be any junk/rock that our Earth has captured in it's gravity. 200 miles up, you really couldn't see it anyway, they are the size of a bus or less. You probably couldn't even see a bus 2 miles away.

There's no doubt we can go in high Earth orbit, just not space where there are the Van Allen Radiation belts and a vacuum. It's funny on this video, the Red Bull Stratos high jump from 2012, the inside camera looking out the door without a fisheye lens shows NO CURVATURE in the inch plus we can see, but when they show the fisheye camera outside, there is a noticeable curve in every length of 1 inch of the Earth. Do you see the baloney? Do you smell the coffee now? See the part of the video with flat horizon vs round horizon. When they show the downward fisheye lens camera, even the dirt of the Earth looks like a rounded landmass.

The moon moves at the exact same speed as the stars - can't be replicated with a camera.

Who believes in this flat earth crap? These guys below and 200 other scientists!


FINAL: Well, even if you don't see that what we've been taught is false, I hope it's at least been entertaining and give you something to talk about around the water cooler.

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