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6/15/2015 *Updated 3/30/2016

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How would you like to start your own business for $0 to very little money? You can do this by working with dropship companies or be an affiliate using affiliate links. I'm going to talk about the pros and cons of each way of selling, (dropship and affiliate) and I threw in some 'partner' sites that allow you to sell your products to their customers.

Pros about dropshipping: This can be very good and a money maker. A customer orders from you and you contact the dropshipper and they send your customer the product. Super, you didn't have to buy inventory or incur a lot of expense acquiring that customer.

Cons about dropshipping: What happens when the dropshipper doesn't have the item anymore that you advertised? You have to pay the customer back and have egg on your face and then they tell everyone on social networks not to use you. Another nightmare: What if the item is complete junk and the dropshipper ad you saw seemed totally different from what the customer got? Once again, it's YOUR reputation on the line. Apologies to your customer, give their money back plus shipping. Ouch!

My recommendation? Don't dropship if you can at all avoid it! But if you have little to no budget to start your business, go for it. Then, whenever possible, buy 5 or 10 of the products you are selling and ship them yourself. Especially at Christmas time, when you have the potential to make the most money per week of the year, the dropshipper could be out of most hot selling items. Use him to dropship for you until he's out, then sell what you have on hand. Christmas of 2014, if you had Disney's Frozen movie dolls, you could have cleaned up charging 4-5 times what the dolls cost you. Many dropshippers ran out of Frozen toys. There was a glut for 2015, so be careful buying a big stock of any 1 product brand. 2015 was the year of the Star Wars characters.

Pros about affiliate links: This is an excellent way to do a business with zero risk to you and your money. You don't even need a website for this. You can use free social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc. You send a customer to a seller via a link or picture link (my favorite) and when they buy anything in the next 30 days, you get a commission. How much? Depends on what you signed up for.

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Cons about affiliate links: Unless you have a website (I recommend Bluehost. Get a Bluehost website here cheap) to send the customer to first so they can come back over and over again, you have to constantly advertise, over and over ceaselessly. With websites so easy to make now with Wordpress, you have no excuse to have a website that sells for you 24/7 (BLUEHOST hosting is great.). It does take 6 months plus to be indexed by all the search engines and you might work on ranking your site higher, but the payoff is spectacular. Work from home and make good money. Quit your job. I would wait until your profits start showing promise first.

Below is my list of droppshippers and wholesale companies starting with the biggest and most popular. I do like Salehoo as they have 8,000 wholesalers and they keep them in line and get rid of any bad ones. I also tell you what the best products are (my opinion) to sell by that company.

A little bit about buying wholesale/closeout/bargains. You will have to do your homework on all of the products you buy, every time you buy them. Don't assume they are still selling at the same price you just sold-out 5 of them for. By the time you got the new inventory, it could be an oversold product all of a sudden. Check eBay and Amazon constantly and be careful.

1. SALEHOO - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Niche items. 8,000 wholesalers in their register. They are very strong at customer support as well. Buy low and sell on Amazon or eBay. Your product MUST BE unique. Do not try to sell new cell phones, tablets or electronics. Power sellers will eat you alive and so will returns of the idiots who don't know how to use a simple tablet and return it as defective. Stay with regular dry goods and look for niche products.

2. CANDYCONCEPTSINC.COM - WHOLESALE CANDY AND DISPLAYS Open a candy store, either brick-and-mortar or online. There are many display items on this site as well as a good mix of wholesale candies.:

3. NEWEGG - AFFILIATE: Best to sell for you: Home stuff, kitchen and outdoors. Get up to 2.5% - Sign up here (you go through (Commission Junction).

4. AMAZON.COM - PARTNER OR AFFILIATE : Best to sell for you: Pretty much anything. Don't forget the 'old switcheroo' game. You see something cheaper on Ebay and have it dropshipped to someone you sold to on Amazon. See a bunch for sale on eBay, list it on Amazon and when you get a sale on Amazon, order it from eBay and have it shipped straight to your customer from eBay. The customer almost never notices the switch, but they got their product they ordered, so who cares? Any returns are handled like normal. You can do targeted ads with your products on a pay-per-click basis as a regular seller (if you have physical products) HERE or join as an affiliate HERE and make 8.5 - 10% (they have it written in 2 places, 1 says 8.5% and the other 10%).

5. OVERSTOCK - PARTNER: Best to sell for you: Home & Garden items. They don't do affiliates or dropshipping, but they do partner. You can sell your products to their customers and they handle returns and all. Read more about it on the link.

6. TARGET - AFFILIATE: Best to sell for you: Rice cookers, toasters & niche items. Earn up to 5%. See more here.And I added their link to Targets' coupons page, just for you, Target Coupons

7. ADORAMA - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Certain appliances, microwaves, maybe drones. Caution: They themselves, also sell on

8. QVC - AFFILIATE OR USE LIKE A WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Kitchenaid mixers, blenders, George Foreman grills. They sell stuff just like the other guys, except slightly different model numbers, maybe packaging, just anything to make it different than what you can buy from Walmart or eBay. So, you use that to your advantage. Customers won't be able to look up the models numbers at or someother discount place and compare price or features on a 'like' item. It may be just like one on another site, except QVC made the maker give them a different model number and it might be missing a certain attachment or something like that. To use as a wholesaler, pay attention to the DEALS PAGE

9. COMET SUPPLY - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Certain microwaves and assorted stuff. It's always changing. They did have, 'Quirky GE Link Starter Kit' that was $21 cheaper than Amazon, for 1 example. Be aware, their 'search' box does NOT work well at all. It won't even bring up microwave ovens when you type in, 'microwave' so do a manual search. Their site isn't too big. There are deals on there that you can buy and sell for $20 more than you paid on Amazon. Doesn't sound like much, but what if you could sell 20 items a day near Christmas? NOTE: Give them at least 3-4 weeks to get the items.

10. DRILLSPOT - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Certain nailguns & nailsets. Very dinky site. I feel like they're not really wholesalers, but they somehow get good prices on certain items.

11. CAMPMOR: Best to sell for you: Kiyaks and other outdoor stuff. Earn up to 7% commission.

12. UTTERGUYS - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Trimsaws and watch for closeouts. They're not really trying to be wholesalers, but sometimes you can pick up deals to resell.

13. ECAMERAFILMS - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Some of the high-end cameras. Look for bargains. Don't sell the $10 cameras. You'll get 1 star ratings on eBay and Amazon. They're not really trying to be wholesalers, but sometimes you can pick up deals to resell.

14. RAKUTEN - AFFILIATE: Best to sell for you: Anything. They have hundreds of companies that you sign up with (website required) with over 1 million products to choose from. Funny name, but you can do well.

15. DOLLAR DAYS WHOLESALE, DROPSHIPPER OR AFFILIATE. ONLINE STORE OFFERED: Best to sell for you: Everything. These guys change their inventory constantly. A lot of eBay and Amazon sellers use them, so beware of the strong competition. Free shipping on orders $599 and up. They also have an affiliate program paying 5% and they go through Linkconnector: Affiliate. Online Store

16. LIQUIDATION.COM - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: Everything you get a deal on. You buy large lots of stuff even store returns and resell them on eBay and Amazon.

17. NMOA.ORG - WHOLESALE: Best to sell for you: All products. (Only the clickable blue links have products in stock). This is a quirky site with some regular and some weird, but useful items. I doubt that many people on eBay or Amazon took the time to go here, so you could be 1 of only a few selling the products. One of the sites on here, Soy Candles, will wholesale private label candles, so you can have them put your company logo/name on them and then you sell them. These guys make Frigemates which you can sell wholesale, clever product although the retail price seems high, Fridgemates. I couldn't find a lot of people trying to sell them, so this might be a great niche. Here's a really useful item to resell, Locking Electrical Outlet Plug. Makes any plug not pull out from the wall with a clever locking mechanism. Ever vacuum? Then you've pulled your plug out of the wall by accident.

That's the end of my list. I hope this helps.



M. Johsnson writes, "I just wanted to say thank you so much for offering the useful info in this article! I am positive it will help me! I am just learning about affiliates and have been accepted by CJ, Amazon Associates, but I've also thought about trying my luck with selling goods also, thanks again!!"

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