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David Stiles


Hello, thank you for coming to my blog.

Hopefully, with my articles, I want to help you make a better website and make more money at what you're doing.

About me:

As of April, 2016, I'm 52 years young (that IS a recent photo). I've been many things in my life, master of a lot of them (I'm good at stuff).

I have a beautiful wife of 21 years and 3 children, all grown and moved out (So now I have free time for a blog!)

Here is some of my history:

From: DavidStilesBlog.comBeing in the US Air Force for 9.5 years as a specialist in ground radar electronics. Always stayed state-side, never went to any other countries. My last year in I became part of quality control and first touched a computer. It was love at first site! :)

I quickly got the hang of it and found out I could make computer programs do what I needed, even if I had to bend them a little.

I got out of the military as a Staff Sgt. with medals and all to join the working world as a realtor. (and don't say, "real-i-tor", there is no "I" in the middle. It's "real" + "tor").

From: DavidStilesBlog.comI sold houses and made my own website to bring in business (this was in the early days of the internet with dial-up and all. I hated that!)

After about 3 years, I just got tired of liars on both sides filling me full of it. Money makes people evil.

From: I bought a book called, "HTML for Dummies" and practiced it for 10 days and then opened my own web business making websites. No, I wasn't a qualified webmaster yet, but I dove in head first to see what I could learn as quickly as possible and it just came to me like I was born to do it. I'm one of the few who codes their own website and doesn't use Wordpress (cheaters!).

Soon I had amassed about 100 people, charging them $25/mo each to maintain a Herbalife shopping cart site so they could sell their 400 and counting products plus designing websites on the side. It was pretty good til 9/11/2001. A lot of the people were re-evaluating their lives and what they were doing online and I lost too many customers to interest me anymore.

From: DavidStilesBlog.comSo I began a job as a tax processor/check casher/payday loan guy. I gotta tell you, this was a job that I didn't feel very good doing. Most of the people coming in where military and we were eating up their money quick with our payday loans, because they never paid it off, they just rolled it over. That ended up costing them about $200/mo and it made me sick to my stomach.

Try to never get a payday loan, but if you do, make sure to pay it off and never keep rolling it over. You only make yourself even more broke.

From: DavidStilesBlog.comI got back to my first love, computers. I was an eBay top seller, selling watches mostly, some trinkets and personalized clocks that I could buy for $5.00 and sell for $30.00 after I printed out different clock faces with their name on it and glued them on. It wasn't bad, but mostly I just made money around Christmas time, which wasn't good enough.

From: DavidStilesBlog.comI moved and found a job as a truck driver recruiter and excelled at that making over $100,000 per year the last 4 years of the 8 I stayed. Man, can those truck drivers lie! It was very stressful finding a driver who actually had a good enough driving history and could pass a drug test and it was getting harder and harder to find. I did it for 8 years. Over those 8 years I saw probably over 200 recruiters come and go because of the stress and disappointment (truck drivers fibs, driver found other job first, driver can't pass a drug test, driving record not good enough).

From: DavidStilesBlog.comI hated the stress of that and up and quit for what I do at home adding articles to my blog (for little money my first year, March 2015 - to about $4,000/mo now, at least as of January, 2017, but it's been growing every month now as I get traffic. I started with just $3.15 my first full month, then it doubled & tripled about every month or so.


I do a lot of free ads (pins) on Pinterest, check out all of my blog posts.

I hope I'm able to help some of you guys with all my articles. I try to touch on a huge range of subjects instead of just a few to reach everyone.

In between blogging, I still bend whatever programs I get my hands on. You know, make little changes to the code so it does something it wasn't designed to do in the first place. Aaaaaahh! That's more like it. De-stresses me. :)

That's my story. Me, in a nutshell.